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This Week's Challenge:

Hello Reader!

This week, we're embarking on a journey of gratitude and fulfilment with the "GiveBACK Challenge." It's a beautiful opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and inspire others to do the same. Imagine the ripple effect we can create together!

Ideas to Kickstart Your Challenge:

  • Donate clothes, toys, or books.
  • Participate in a blood drive.
  • Support a food bank or soup kitchen.
  • Give to a charity close to your heart.
  • Volunteer at a care facility, shelter, or hospital.

Impact Matters: Each small act contributes to a global wave of kindness. By taking part, you're not just helping others; you're inspiring a community to give the greatest gift they can, which is to help others.

Discover more and get inspired by our Instagram Reel :👇

Coaching Tip:

As we dive into the Giveback Challenge, remember it's not just about the act itself but the intention behind it. Here's a little tip to deepen your experience and amplify the impact of your actions and kindness.

Give what you can and inspire others to pay it forward!

  • If you have money, consider donating.
  • If you have time, offer it.
  • If you have a network, use it to help others
  • Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

Shift your Mindset Around Sharing on Social Media!

  • Sharing community work on social media might seem attention-seeking, this perspective needs a shift. It's all about inspiring others and reminding them that they can give back as well. I encourage you to post your acts of kindness to motivate and create a ripple effect, showcasing how small actions can lead to significant impact.
  • While giving in silence is commendable, it makes you a silent hero, and you miss the opportunity to amplify your impact.

Activate the Challenge!

  • Encourage your network to join the #GiveBACK movement.
  • Share your story and inspire others, not for recognition, but to foster a community of giving.
  • Today let’s make it a day of giving, tag me on your stories with how you are giving back and I will repost, let’s inspire everyone to make a difference and give!

Showcase of the Week:

We are so proud of everyone doing the 14 Day SHREDZ challenge.

Here’s the 14 Day SHREDZ for the last 7 days of the challenge !

#GiveBACK of the week!

You may have noticed that this week, we transformed our "Giveaway of the Week" section to "GiveBACK of the Week." It's a testament to the strength we can have when we come together for a cause.

When you activate your network for a noble cause, you would be surprised of the impact that can be achieved.

This week, let’s come together to #GiveBACK to a social cause that is important to YOU.

Here is my personal GiveBACK:

This week, I'm drawn to a cause close to my heart. The father of one of our Tribe members is battling acute leukemia under dire circumstances in Algeria. His fight is not just against illness but against a system that offers little hope. His hardship reminds me of the precious years I could spend with my mom due to the resources we had, a stark contrast to his situation.

To support him in this critical fight, I've contributed to his fund. If his story resonates with you, here's how you can join this cause:

👉 Make a donation to help Hamid fight leukemia.

💫 Join the Conversation- LIVE ON IG TODAY!

Today, March 24th at 3 pm EST (8pm France), I'll be live with @mia_sphere discussing "How to Impact Together in Moments of Crisis." It's more than a conversation; it's an invitation to join hands in making a tangible difference in the world.

Together, we are a force of change. Let's harness our collective power and create waves of positive impact that resonate far and wide.

With gratitude for your willingness to make a difference.

Have a great week, my Tribe!


Coach Sonia ❤️

6900 Bd Décarie, Montréal, QC H3X 2T8
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